I once heard a great quote and I don’t know who is responsible for it. The quote goes something like this: God can move mountains, but you better bring a shovel.

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Want to move a mountain? God can help but you’d better bring a shovel.

Photo by gokhan polat on Unsplash

What this quote means to me is that belief in and reliance upon…

Hackathon in progress (VCU RAMHacks 2018) Photo Credit: Michael Lynn

As fall closes in, the hackathon season reaches its peak. Here’s a quick list of tips to maximize your opportunity as you plan to participate — and win your next hackathon.

1.Team up early. If you already have your team picked, great. If you don't, don’t waste time. Start introducing…

MongoDB Stitch Data Enabled API

Creating an API that exposes data doesn’t have to be complicated. With MongoDB Stitch, you can create a data enabled endpoint in about 10 minutes or less.

At the heart of the entire process is MongoDB Stitch’s Services. There are several from which to choose and to create a data…

Michael Lynn

Developer Advocacy at MongoDB, Inc.

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