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  • Ronald Chen

    Ronald Chen

    Principal developer at Battlefy

  • Richard Krueger

    Richard Krueger

    I have been a software entrepreneur for the past 25 years and an iOS programmer for the last eight years. I am the founder of Cosync, Inc.

  • Kwema


    Everyday 1,000 employees lose their life while at work. We mitigate the safety risks that employees face by providing wearables that activates the right help.

  • Ido Montekyo

    Ido Montekyo

    System Design. Architecture. Databases. Infrastructure. System Analysis. Project management Speaker. People Motivator.

  • Joe Karlsson

    Joe Karlsson

    progress. web tech. cats. coffee. art. mpls. https://www.joekarlsson.com/

  • John Fahl

    John Fahl

    I write stories and solve problems. DevOps guy, writer, startup co-founder, probably a sorcerer. All opinions are my own.

  • Hailey Mahan

    Hailey Mahan

    Traveler. Writer. Programmer. Fragrance addict.

  • msbrandymorgan


    Developer, Designer, and Doer

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